Vito Burdi: new Vice President (VP) Business development of REINNO-U.S. financial technology company

Vito Burdi will work as VP (Vice President) Business Development for the US financial company REINNO.

He has gained his experience in Real Estate sector, as designer, site engineer, real estate managment, and developing real estate consortia such as Consorzio Margherita where he has been working as President from 2014. He has improved his knowledge in Fintech and Blockchain eco-system following the Fintech Programme by Oxford University-Said Business School. In his new role, he will be responsible of developing new business opportunities, counting on his knowledge and on the technological excellence of REINNO. REINNO is a financial technology company offering a new solution for real estate tokenization, lending and investing with a focus on providing liquidity. REINNO is providing three services, which are complementary to each other – real estate tokenization, loans against property-backed tokens, and a platform for listing and investing in tokenized real estate. We are covering the technical, corporate, legal and marketing aspects of these services in order to provide maximum flexibility and efficiency for our users. REINNO model has been backed by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).  REINNO has “tokenized”  $105 million commercial real estate (CRE) fund, actually the platform manage more than 274 $ million. REINNO is disrupting financial services and commercial real estate. We are the first company to accept tokenized real estate as loan collateral. Our goal is to offer the full spectrum of lending and investment products on the real estate market and provide a seamless transition for the consumer to blockchain-powered services.

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