Survey 3D laser scanners

Ours is an instrumental survey made with latest generation 3D Laser Scanner technologies, cutting-edge procedures and software, and specialized professionals with consolidated experience capable of producing:

• Point cloud management – 3D model of the embankment;
• Restitution in plans, elevations etc.;
• 360 hdr photos scalable metrics;
• export in CAD, BIM, MESH, VR etc..;

The data acquisition is collective, in a complete way and all the information present on the site can be measured directly by the customer. What is extracted is a complete three-dimensional model, i.e. a point cloud completely measurable in terms of distance and volume, the associated photos are equally measurable in high definition, scalable metrics, and connected to a navigable model. You will have completeness and accuracy of information such as not to have to return to the site. We are in Bari – Puglia, and avaible to move.

Technology and equipment at our disposal

We are equipped with different types of Laser Scanners, both mobile and fixed devices, in order to better adapt to the needs of the survey and the site. Our Laser Scanners create a 3D digital twin as you move through a space. GrandSLAM technology combines LiDAR SLAM, Visual SLAM, and an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) to achieve the best mapping performance offered in the portable mobile device category. The scanners identify different surfaces and unique geometry in the LiDAR data, which it analyzes to calculate its 3D position. The built-in sensors irradiate objects in their field of vision with a laser light describing their shape by creating millions of points having their own x,y,z coordinates, creating point clouds and spherical images.


• Architecture, Engineering, Design;
• Artistic, cultural, archaeological heritage;
• Plants and different types of systems;
• Urban and extra-urban areas;
• Documentation and archive of work progress;
• Facility Management;
• Space planning;
• Infrastructures and artifacts of varying complexity;

VIS technology, for the fixed laser scanner, combines your scans to have complete datasets. Our laser scanners are equipped with cameras that capture the scene in high quality and bracketed HDR imaging captures details in difficult lighting conditions and environments. The combination and integration of the scans and photographs obtained with multiple laser scanners allows for a perfect completeness of the scanned building organism, and allows the analysis and diagnostics of the latter in all its parts.

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Complex of trulli and lamie in Locorotondo

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