Bari – Loseto Masterplan

Masterplan/Urban design
Bari (Loseto)
Vito Burdi

Loseto is located about 10 km far from Bari city center, and it is part of the IV City Hall. It is composed by the historical town, and a latest social-housing recently built neighborhood. This neighbhorood is characterized by a strong urban, social, and economic, degeneration and  by an important environmental heritage. Furthermore, a full speed track separates the old town center from the newer area. The design’s strategy is to regenerate these urban areas through the increase in value of the border between the city and the countryside, the consolidation of the historical urban pattern, the upgrading of the environmental heritage, but also by building new residential areas. The master plan involves a very large area, of over 540,000 square meters, that also includes the plot n.14-13 of the Bari – P.R.G..

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