Sant’Angelo Abbey

abbey – restoration
ASP Opera Pia Di Venere
Restoration, recovery, health and safety design coordination
Partner in-charge:
Vito Burdi
Arch. Domenica Valenzano

Concept and developed design related to the restoration, and health and safety design coordination of Sant’Angelo Abbey. This project proposes the restoration, and the construction of a new building block inside the surrounding wall that defines the Sant’Angelo Abbey’s area, as we can see from documentary sources, and then destroyed probably between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Sant’Angelo Abbey, whose date of foundation is unknown, is located in Bari-Ceglie del Campo and it was a monastery part of the order of the Basilians coming from the Greek and Byzantine’s coastline. Sant’Angelo Abbey is composed of a ground floor (which is the original Badia) with stone barrel vaults and a first floor, divided into seven compartments covered by crossvaults. The staircase and the first floor were probably built later in order to adapt the Abbey to a fortified farm. This historical complex was modified several times, but the surrounding wall facing has been never touched. The arches on this wall show that it was built around XIV century. Nowadays Sant’Angelo Abbey is in a deep state of neglect. It is located in a district where there aren’t any kind of buildings for social, leisure and tertiary purposes. Furthermore, the client’s goal is to recover this very important architectural and historical symbol, acting like a starting point of a bigger urban regeneration.

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